About Me

I have always said, "When you talk with spirit, you find intuition." I hope, as a byproduct, you become more in tune with your intuition during our sessions. Personally, once I began following my intuition, I unearthed a deadly, wild, holistic woman who had been waiting patiently to surface. She is furious, unstoppable, and pristine. She stands up for justice and equality. I named her, "Blood Moon Bitch." "She who stands in her confidence!" During our sessions you will get to borrow her but I strongly encourage you to evoke your own.

Of course, my best wish, is to be an act of service, by way of messenger and in turn create a positive impact on your life. The service I provide, has been a personal practice of mine for nearly a decade. The foundations I draw from include: teaching, mentoring, advising, uplifting, healing and encouraging people of all facets of life. Tarot and Astrology is just one of the many tools I will use to match your frequency and align our goals. 

Spiritually, I have always had a prophetic ability and I will be coupling this psychic knowledge with an analytical approach to propel you into the "light" direction. 

let's begin your journey, together..

May, many blessings & love fall upon you.

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