Astrological Alignment

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Tarot, Synchronicity, Astrology

Spiritual Guidance

Tarot & Oracle Readings


Curious about Tarot? Whether this is your first experience or you consult the cards often, I am excited to meet you and explore the deck together. Let's delve into your reality! I’m excited to see what beautiful outcomes are in your near future. 

Numerology & Synchronicity


There are so many signs and parallels spoken to us, but often, we miss their meaning. I will uncover the meaning of your personal numerology and help you to become more aware of synchronicity as symbols begin to unveil themselves along your journey. 

Astrological Findings


We all have a planetary birth chart and each one holds a deeply complex and unique story. I will analyze your personal astrological alignments. Take the plunge. Find out who you are and what you're meant to become. It's been written in the stars! 


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"If you're looking for someone to WOW you, she will do just that! We have laughed and cried together and sometimes both. Her advice was spot on! 

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"Getting deep and emotional has never really been my thing but I feel at ease in my sessions. She helps me to feel grounded." 

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"I recommended this spiritual guru to all my friends. She is so lovely and compassionate. I can't wait for my next reading." 

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