Tarot & Oracle Readings

Elemental Alignment

  Elemental Alignment is a 6-card spread that addresses all the elements as they relate to you. Beginning with Earth, what grounds you? Water, what touches your heart? Fire, what are you calling into action? Air, what are your innermost thoughts? Spirit, what are you ascending towards? Elemental Alignment ties these 5 cards together with the 6th card, your combined energy.  

Love & Relationships

 What energies are you attracting into your personal and romantic relationships? I use a 4-card Tarot spread to paint the picture at hand, plus a clarifying oracle card to find out what's blocking your heart’s desire. 

Oracle Clarity Read

  Weighing out the pros and cons of an important decision? Then the Clarity oracle reading is right for you. Sometimes we need encouragement to find a new perspective. Imagine a 3-card divination spread aligning you with the intuitive advice you need.   

Career & Prosperity

 Align with your true passions in this revealing 4-card tarot spread. Explore new avenues of income, affirm what you're already putting into action as well as opportunities for growth and expansion. 

12 Card Spiritual Spread

 Discover what energies need healing and when it’s time to go with the flow. Combined with my astrological knowledge, you will receive glimpses of a possible outcomes that equip you to plan for abundance! 

Celtic Cross - Past, Present, Future

 The ultimate read and the most popular. This 10-card spread will shed light on the past, present and future as it relates to the question at hand. Find what is crossing you, obtain advice and assistance. Plan for your best outcome.