Dream Interpretation and Synchronicity

Discover Hidden Messages

Once you subject yourself to numerology, you'll wish you'd done it sooner! There are so many signs and parallels spoken to us but often, we miss out. I will teach you to pay closer attention and tune out the distractions of our busy life. However, I'm certain you've experienced the universe conveying a message to you before and perhaps did realize what you'd seen. For  example, have you ever looked at the clock and you keep catching it at 11:11 or begin waking up at a specific time every night for no reason? These are just a couple examples of the ways the universe speaks to us. I will not only teach you to be more observant but we will review your own personal numerology. 

Yes, you have personal numbers that are specific to you and it doesn't end there. Symbols can sometimes recur as well as animals and they hold a unique message for each of us. Your home address may even be telling you something about the energies you manifest within its walls.


As you can see, there are a lot of exciting things to discuss and when you decide you want to know more, we will begin with finding out your destiny number.  This is the number your life is on track to achieve! 

If any of this is blowing your mind, like it was me, then you may be shocked to know you also have a hearts desire number, a birth number, name number and even more. We can also peer into a lovers chart and read how the two of you match up in my Numerology*Alignement reading. 

Let's Discover what the Universe is telling you! Numerology in St. Louis Astrology in St. Louis