About me


"When you talk with spirit, you find intuition." 

Once I began following my intuition, I unearthed a wild woman, beautiful and fierce in her truth, who, like the phoenix, rose up from beneath the shadows of what others said her truth ought to be. Her name is Carmelita Dio. She is unstoppable yet prim and pristine. She stands up for injustice and endeavors equality for all. 

My goal is to help you “align” by becoming more in tune with your intuition. During our sessions, we will excavate to help you to evoke your own. I want to service my clients by channeling the messages to help you create a positive impact on your life. 

With nearly a decade of dedicating myself to this work, I draw from my collective experiences in teaching, mentoring, advising, uplifting, healing and encouraging people from all facets of life. Tarot, numerology and astrology are just a few tools of many I use to match your frequency and align our goals.

Let's begin your journey together..

Discover you.